Other names
Ivory Wave, Meph, M-cat, MCAT, Miaow, Meow 4MMC, Bubbles, White Magic, Plant Feeder
What is looks like & how it is taken
Often sold as plant food or bath salts
White, off white or yellowish powder
Swallowed in bombs, pills, capsules
The effects
Increased blood pressure, constricted blood vessels
Sweating and decreased appetite
Anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, insomnia
Kidney issues including possible renal failure
Legal Status
Mephedrone - Class C
Methcathinone - Class B
Methamphetamine - Class A
Class B:
Possession: 5 years and a fine Supply: 14 years and a fine
Class A:
Possession: 7 years and a fine Supply: Life imprisonment and a fine