Other names
'K', Special K and Vitamin K, Green
What is looks like & how it is taken
White crystalline powder
Tablets, or clear liquid vials
Snorted up the nose, injected or swallowed
The effects
Users report feeling 'out of body' and spiritual experiences
Feeling of increased energy and well-being
A loss of control, difficulty moving and speaking
Ketamine is an anaesthetic
The health risks
Possibility of accidental injuries
Mental health problems, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sleeplessness and suicide
Compulsive use
Injection can cause damage to veins leading to abscesses and thrombosis
Sharing injection equipment puts users at risk of infections like hepatitis 'B' or 'C', HIV or AIDS
Legal Status
Class A
Possession: 2 years and a fine Supply: 5 years and a fine