Amphetamines - Including Crystal Meth
Other names
Speed, Whizz, Uppers, Amph, Billy, Sulphate, Crystal Meth, Ice, Yaba
What is looks like & how it is taken
Grey, pink or white powder that is snorted, swallowed, smoked, injected or dissolved in a drink
Tablets which are swallowed
The effects
Excitement - the mind races and users feel confident and energetic
Effects last
The health risks
While on the drug, some users become tense and anxious
Leaves users feeling tired and depressed for one or two day and sometimes longer
High doses repeated over a few days may cause panic and hallucinations
Long-term use puts a strain on the heart
Heavy, long-term use can lead to mental illness
Mixing Viagra with amphetamines may increase the risk of heart problems
Legal Status
Class B (but Class A if prepared for injection)
Class B:
Possession: 5 years and a fine Supply: 14 years and a fine
Class A:
Possession: 7 years and a fine Supply: Life imprisonment and a fine