Pen design vape

The world of DIY blending can seem daunting to start with, however with our web log it’s going to begin to make more sense.

In this web site we cover the various elements useful for cooling in e-liquids, some great benefits of every type and proposed combining portion starting points. We additionally have a look at how your mixes would reap the benefits of combining the additives that are cooling.

what’s the distinction between MTL and DTL?

You will often encounter the abbreviations MTL and DTL whenever taking a look at vape batteries, tanks and e-liquids. These make reference to 2 specific varieties of vaping which could seem a little overwhelming to a vaper that is new.

We cover everything you need to know about the two designs that will help you determine which can be best for your needs.


Our tale begins in Surrey, England in 2013 having a eyesight to really make it very easy to start vaping which help a lot of people give up smoking. We love convenience, in fact, the title Vanilla Vapes originates from the ice cream for the same taste – easy, truthful and down seriously to earth. Vaping technology may have developed rapidly since Vanilla Vapes opened for company, but our principles stay the exact same; take away the nonsense and work out vaping effortless and available to everybody else.

As our team have cultivated, we have come up with all our experience to create you the absolute most dependable and greatest brands in vaping. (more…)