Alcohol Information

You can call Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care Ltd 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to discuss any concerns you have about either your own, or someone else’s drinking. We can talk to you about the services that are available in Surrey to help you.

In Surrey, it is estimated that more than a quarter of adults who drink alcohol, drink above what are considered safe levels. This means that they are putting themselves at risk of developing health problems in the future due to their drinking. Regularly drinking too much alcohol can have severe effects on your health. Drinking more than your recommended daily units of alcohol significantly increases your risk of developing over sixty diseases and your mental health and social life are also affected.

Visit Drinkcoach and “Take the Alcohol Test”. Remember to say if you live in Surrey. Completion of the test and taking the test will point to the SDAC helpline and how we can help you, on almost every page.

Other websites to visit

TALK TO FRANK for facts, support and advice on alcohol. Click here

If you’re concerned about the amount you drink you can visit the Surrey i-access website and download this leaflet Click here

You could also visit the Drink aware website and complete their self assessment tool. This is a quick test to help you understand more about the impact of your drinking and whether your relationship with alcohol is about right or if you’re over doing it and need to take action. Click Here

DRINK COACH is an alcohol self-assessment tool which provides feedback on drinking risk and gives personalised advice and help to find local support services and online appointments with a drink coach. Click here